car Wash services Northern Ireland
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Your car wash business made incredibly simple

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the car wash and car care sector, we can offer you a range of rental formats tailored to your specific needs. Forget about big investments or complex arrangements. It’s up to you: choose a fee per wash to adjust your payments to the seasonal nature of your business, or opt for a fixed monthly fee. Take it easy and make your business more profitable in the hands of ISTOBAL.

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Chemically perfect

If you have a car wash installation, ISTOBAL Esens® is the perfect formula to help you get the most out of your machines and offer your users an extraordinary car wash experience. Our extensive network of experienced consultants will advise you on the best pre-wash, shampoos and waxes, giving you the guidance you need in order to achieve the best possible performance. Take advantage of chemical products services, safe in the knowledge that you can always count on ISTOBAL products.

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Leave it to us!

We’re always on call, providing one of the most thorough and technically advanced services in the world for wash machines. The ISTOBAL Technical Service offers predictive maintenance as well as remote support to ensure the most rapid and effective maintenance possible, at your beck and call. Why not take advantage of the various maintenance contracts on offer, avoid any concerns or unpleasant surprises, and leave it all to us?

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Smart management of your car wash space

In a digital world, it goes without saying that your car wash installation should be digital too. Connect all your equipment, extract and analyse financial data and user behaviour and manage and control your machines remotely. Get the best use out of Big Data and IoT thanks to our technical services and make your installation 100% intelligent, so that your users enjoy the best possible wash experience.

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Harness the power of marketing campaigns

We want your business to grow, that’s why we propose marketing campaigns to build sales, increase traffic and create the trust and collaboration that you need to make your clients loyal. A carefully managed, 100% ISTOBAL presence, posters, advertising banners and evaluation of promotions and commercial campaigns will help you to push your business forward.

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Your car wash equipment: always up to date

Keep your car wash systems right up to date with our machine update kits and our parts service. Make sure your systems are always taken care of with components and parts of the high quality you would expect from a market leader, and extend the useful life of your equipment with our exceptional maintenance.